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Mountain States Collision Repair took such great care of my car after I was involved in an accident.  They made it utterly effortless for me to get my car back into better than before condition.  Additionally, they beautifully detailed the car making it feel brand new!  Great service, good people, beautiful work.  If you want those qualities give these guys a try.  You won't regret it.

-Jamie L.

I've had two vehicles repaired at Mountain States Collision and both times I was treated right.  Staff is very helpful and their repair service is QUICK.  Pricing was better than everyone else in town.  If I have the misfortune of needing more auto body work, the first and only call will be to Mountain States Collision.

-DR Graham, WA

This place is amazing!  Joe and his team were so kind to me after a traumatic experience crashing my car on the snowy roads into Montana.   They made sure I was safe and taken care of and gave me all the information I needed on what to expect from my insurance company, etc. even though I wasn't even getting the work done with them.  Thanks so much for your generosity!

-Sophia S. CO

I ripped the mirror off my wife's car while backing out of the garage.  The owner, Joe Bauer, took the sting out by taking care of the mirror for a lot less than I feared it was going to cost me.  My wife has been very forgiving.  I Love You Honey!

-Nate M, Missoula MT

Only had two instances where I had the misfortune of needing a body shop, my second leading me to the guys at Mountain States Collision.  The results were great!  My vehicle looks as great as the day I bought it.  Fast turn around time and they helped me line up a rental and handled the insurance with no delays.  If I'm ever in need again, I'm heading straight there.

-P.S. Missoula MT

Did an amazing job putting my Kia back together!  Joe and the guys down there are the best and most knowledgeable I've ever met.  If you need any body repairs take it here.

-Mike F, Missoula MT

WOW!  Tom and Joe are great guys and their staff was super fast, friendly and affordable.  Thanks again guys!  Only in Missoula will you find killer service like this!

-Doug S. Missoula MT

The absolute BEST AUTO BODY REPAIR by FAR in Missoula Montana!  It's nice to see especially with the circumstances that I came in with that there is an auto body shop that REALLY CARES FOR MISSOULA CITIZENS.  I had been calling around for days dealing with no shows, no call backs, etc and it took less than 20 minutes and I was done.  Thank you!

-Cheryl D, Missoula MT

September 12,2012 I pulled into this shop without a previous phone call, just a surprise customer.  These folks looked at my problem, which was my drivers side mirror.  They asked if I had time to address it right then and there.  What a surprise, and at a better than right price.  Great people and great service.  Thank you!

-Chalet J, Missoula MT

This review is very past due. I took my car into them early November, due to the fact I got in a minor fender bender.  They fixed it up quickly and perfectly the first time.  I have zero complaints.  Less than a week later I ran over a big torn up tire in the middle of the road I couldn't avoid in time.  It messed up my headlight, I called them, they promptly ordered a new one and PLUS they removed the black scuff off my front bumper from the tire I hit.  So friendly and pleasant to deal with.  They were quick and time efficient and I was beyond pleased.  I would suggest going there for any and all kinds of accidents.  Thank you to the staff!

-Jessie D, Missoula MT

These guys and gals are incredible!  I got in a little fender bender in my baby (a 2003 Mach 1 Mustang).  It made me sick to think she would never be the same.  I was wrong!  These guys did all the work with the insurance, turned the car around in just a couple of days, and the quality of work is phenomenal!  They even washed my car and cleaned the inside as well.  Definitely above and beyond what I was expecting.  Thank you for making a bad experience turn into a good one.

-Justin O, Missoula MT

Very professional and excellent work.  They made the whole ordeal of getting my vehicle repaired very painless.  They dealt with the insurance company.  It took a little time to get my truck in but that is because everybody else goes there!  Thank you!

-Matt W, Missoula MT

Mountain States Collision is the only place that I will take my car.  Exceptional Customer Service and they do AMAZING work on all of the vehicles they work on.

-Jennifer W, Missoula MT

Best experience I've ever had when dealing with an auto body shop.  They went above and beyond even from what they charged for.  Highly Recommended!

-Marc C

None better in Missoula.  Joe is fair and honest and always goes the extra mile. Great quality of workmanship too.

-Dean P, Missoula MT

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