“He is doing GREAT! Had his first bath today. He passed his puppy service dog temperament and his vet checks with FLYING colors! He goes to puppy kindergarten on Saturday and starts basic obedience Tuesday night. We couldn’t be happier.”
“He is setting in nicely at his new home, we are absolutely in love with him, thank you.”

Hi Tami.
Hope the Tan is still going strong and life’s back at FURspeed ahead! We are absolutely loving Scully. Just as cute as the come. She’s such a fast learner. She knows how to ask to go potty now, sit, lay and been doing a lot of “ouch training”. Just waiting for the next week to wrap up and get her final shots to see what’s outside in the big world. THANK YOU so much for doing all the decades of hard work to bring this lady into the world to us for lots of mutual companionship ahead. We would love to refer friends, family and passerby’s where she hails and any opportunity to send business your way. In the meantime we have set up an Instagram account for her adventures!
We would love to join any clubs, groups or gatherings for Giant Schnoodles, doodles or otherwise so if anything comes across your radar please keep us in the loop.
Enjoy the rest of winter and look forward to keeping you updated and vice versa if opportunity arises.

“She’s arrived and she seems to be enjoying us as much as we are enjoying her company. She’s full of beans running all over the house investigating already. She’s been very playful and outgoing”.

“We couldn’t be happier with our babies! Thank you so much, they are amazing.”