Puppy Mills

Be aware or puppy mills and puppy brokers and the false gaurantees that are given. If breeders or brokers have several breeds or puppies all the time it’s most likely a puppy mill If they don’t have current pictures of where the puppies play, sleep and their homes they are most likely a puppy mill. Be aware of the pictures that are being taken as well as they may be staged and not actually accurate to the situation.

Ask detailed questions before making any decisions about where you are going to purchase your new family member. Some common questions to ask are simple ones, like can you visit the dogs on the premises, can you talk to the vets and get copies of the their charts, how often to does this particular breeder have puppies during the year. Are the health and temperament testing results, backgrounds and breeding history included. Most breeders are using pet quality dogs in their “program” and they don’t have rights or knowledge to be considered a breeder, by our standards.