Meet Zeus, the sire of our current puppies available for adoption.

Mom and her new babies.

The far left is Yoshi, our current Sire as a puppy. He is owned by our son Jacob and is not only beautiful but also very large!

Kodiak, on the right and Gent, in the middle went to a South Dakota Top Standard Poodle Breeding Program.

Coco has a fabulous home with a couple, Chad and Amelia.

This little fella is named Chip! His forever home came with lots of small children for him to play with, which was perfect as he really loved bonding and playing with our grandson!

George and Gage have both found their forever loving home in Wyoming and Arizona! It’s been brought up that these two may be internet sensations as other breeders have been using their picture to showcase their breeds. While it’s a great compliment to our breeding program, we hope that our clients have done their due diligence on making sure you know your breeder. Feel free to ask us any questions any time!
George is playing in his Wyoming forever home with his new mommy, Mitzi!

This is Archie and his best buddy Brayden! Archie is the current sire and has an conformation to die for! His personality and loving temperament make a full rounded dog that is absolutely amazing. Archie was bred by us out of a simply red standards rocks and is our newest standard poodle sire.
Having some fun outside and enjoying the sun!
Meet Grover! He is having a great time with his new family in Great Falls Montana.
Gretchen found her forever home in Salt Lake City!